This is a fitting cd for the craziness of this Monday morning.  First day of May madness where we are counting down the days til school is out.  Aerosmith is perfect for a frantic dash out the door while hustling all the kids into their jackets. 

I listened to this second cd to leave my bookcase amidst a flurry of little voices floating from the back seats of my mommy van yelling that we were going to be late… Lol we made it to the school just as ‘Eat The Rich’ started playing. This fast paced song was good music to get things rolling.  And by rolling I mean slight speeding to get there on time. 

I like this album although it’s been ages since I’ve listened to anything Aerosmith. I can remember shooting pool while being smothered by cigarello smoke in my late teens/early twenties hearing these songs. ‘Crazy’ has a vibe that makes you want to dance around while doing whatever your heart desires… So does ‘Cryin’… I can’t remember which song had a music video with a young Alicia Silverstone dancing around but I could swear it was one of these two songs.

Today was a long long day. Lots of laundry. Lots of bills due. Lots of traffic. Not my best day. But I did make cupcakes so score for me:)

I managed to squeeze out a quick 5 minute sketch of my daughter after tucking the boys into bed… The proportions are off and I can’t say it’s my best work but it’s a step in the right direction which is… Art every day, good or bad, at least it’s creativity.  I sketched this portrait in pen then ran a filter to convert it to pencil. There’s just something about sketching in graphite that is pleasing to my eye even if it still needs a lot of work.

Thinking next round I will find my pastels or my graphite pencils and not mess with any filters.  Another cd knocked out and a quick sketch… Not too shabby for a Monday.