ADELE – 25

So I admit I totally fell off these last two months but I’m ready to get back on track since I’ve finally gotten my creative mojo back… ❤️❤️❤️

Officially starting with the CDs on my bookcase, first up is Adele’s 25… 

I adore Adele. She can do absolutely no wrong and I’m not ashamed to say she’s been in my car the past month getting me through a hell of a lot of birthdays, holidays, family events.  There are times where I enjoy spending time with my extended family and other times where I’ll simply say it can be a bit trying (and I’m grateful no one gets stabbed in the eye with a fork lol)… 

I can listen to ‘Hello’ and instantly forget about whatever was stressing me.  The sound of her voice can easily push you into memory lane so one can get run over with good and bad reflections.  It makes me think back on a long past love/romance that helped shape my passions as far as art (Van Gogh) and my affinity for music when the Tindersticks and Massive Attack ruled my shelf stereo.  At that time long ago, I dreamt of starry nights and the smell of sandalwood along with how it felt to sketch out something new as charcoal blends across stone pressed papers… And I still love that feeling even if the medium has changed over the years. 

I had the pleasure of doing a belly painting for one of my best friends. And although I can be somewhat introverted and normally hate to be bothered, I’m very glad I did venture forth out of my house with all my kids (and husband to watch them) in tow to have a little artistic fun.  Because it was exactly what I needed to make me feel like myself. 

She showed me a picture of a style of a maternity painting she liked and when I started dabbing paint here and there on her skin, the baby belly art took on a life of its own.   First a sponge to blend the colors, and then my fingers to smudge oily paint into other colors… A fitting living mural albeit temporary for when Princess Temprance makes her debut into the world:)