Chris Cornell – Higher Truth & Vega4 – You And Others

…So it’s been two days and in the span of those two days it’s been a bit of craziness… Super bowl Sunday was a day filled with way too much food alongside mostly family and friends. It was great and I totally blew any chance of a diet… 

I had a little trouble unwinding after all the festivities… Who better than to join me on rounding out that day than Chris Cornell via his cd higher truth. I’ve been a fan of his for decades… From Soundgarden to Audioslave to his solo stuff.  The man can do no wrong… And when you’d just like something a lil gravelly and down to earth, then he’s your man.

My favorite track for this cd is ‘Before we disappear’ because it just speaks to me. The sound of his voice along with the chorus ‘how hard can it be’, I can identify with this song, it sings to me as time is flying by, the good times and bad times and just reflecting on life. 

All in all I enjoyed the entire cd but this track is dear to my heart, comforting me as I was getting ready to turn in on that Sunday night before Monday came crashing along with the madness of the morning rush and my follow up to my women’s wellness.

Hence the need for Vega4 that Monday morning, I break this cd out anytime I need a pick me up. If I’m feeling down or depressed then this is my comforting friend.   Their cd ‘You And Others’ is one of my all time favorites. The entire cd has this sweeping sound that is music to my ears but it’s their track ‘life is beautiful’ that truly sums up their appeal to me. It’s a moving uplifting song without being too preachy. And I’m not ashamed to say that when I need a lil pep if I’m in a funk then I put that track on repeat over and over again.  

Cancer is a scary thing.  I suppose one could say after spending half my day at the doctors and a myriad of tests, I was extremely grateful when they finally cleared me. With their words of ‘I’ll see you next year, it doesn’t look cancerous after all’, I felt this magnificent rush of relief. 

I got into my car and felt all these emotions… And right at that moment someone parked next to me swung their door wide hitting my passenger side.  I looked over quickly annoyed and realized the older couple parked next to me looked rather teary eyed. It seemed as if they hadn’t had the best news… and at that second I realized while I may have gotten good news, other people are getting life changing news, possibly heartbreaking news… Obviously a door dent is nothing in the grand scheme of things. So I quickly waved them on saying that it was nothing and not to worry about it.

And that’s part of the beauty of good music… It can make you feel anything… From grand emotions, to appreciating what you have, or to even pave the way to allow you to show a lil sympathy.  Much thanks to Chris Cornell for his solo album and Vega4 (even though sadly Vega4 is not together anymore) for helping steer me towards getting my head right.