The Afghan Whigs – Honkey’s Ladder E.P.

Today started out with an old throwback album from 1996 while in the car rider line sipping a Coke. The Afghan Whigs made this little gem of an E.P. called ‘Honkey’s  Ladder’ which I almost skipped listening to (since my kids were in the car) because I couldn’t remember what kind of language was present in the songs. But surprisingly, it’s good (with a few curse words that we just ignored as my oldest got out of the car).  

It’s a catchy short cd including the ode to TLC’s song ‘creep’ which the Afghan Whigs do an alternative cover of.  That  song sticks a lil bit in your mind and you might even forget that TLC had a big hit with their own version.  

As soon as I heard the title song, I remembered that once upon a time they had a crazy video filled with lots of distorted imagery.  I actually had to google and watch the title song ‘Honkey’s Ladder’ so I could see the video again which paved the way for a Warholesque tree-of-life tribute if that’s what you want to call it.  That’s how I feel about how this snippet of art turned out anyway. 

My mornings are normally filled with nursing my daughter as she gets hungry so that’s partially where I got my inspiration for this digital art.  I’m just happy to be able to listen to some music throughout the day.  Helps me get into the swing of things while chasing after my kiddos, waiting for this caffeine and sugar to kick  in… But at times I gotta take these creative urges and run with them wherever and however I can… Even if it’s creating digital art as I’m nursing my youngest and my middle child is knocking over my drink lol… And I discovered while searching for the Afghan Whigs video, that they have a new cd coming out in a few days along with a reunion tour.  Win. Win:)