Kaleo – a/b

Okay so here’s my first review/thoughts for day one. I thought about how to go about this since I have several bookcases and boxes of music… Possibly too much to count and decided I’d try to go alphabetically after I give a listen through what’s currently in my car.

This is Kaleos debut cd and I received this as a Christmas present after I pointed out I liked one of their songs on the radio… their music def has an alternative sound. At times a lil funky and gritty. I could easily imagine a robbery about to happen at a swanky cigar club after listening to track 2 ‘way down we go’… Like you know stuff might go sideways but you’re gonna do it anyway… This is my fav track of theirs.  Also diggin ‘all the pretty girls’ and ‘I can’t go on without you’… 

The rest of their cd was a blur for me but those three gems got hit with the repeat button as I waited in the car rider line at my kiddos school.

In my mind I’m already scheming to catch them live in Austin since I’ve heard they put on a good show.  If a band can sound just as good live as they do on their cd, then they’ve normally won me over for life. Like ‘Cake’ I love me some fashion nugget. 

I’m thinking if I can get the kiddos to bed early enough, that I may give it a go and  sketch out a lil something with watercolor pencils while sipping some spiced rum:)


First Post for Nothings Of Music

This is the post excerpt.

So I’m currently at a standstill creatively… They say whether you are an artist, a writer, or a musician, that at some point we all suffer from a block of some sort.

I recently had a baby and I’m not sure if it’s the sleepless nights or my body needing extra time to recover after my third (and last child) or all the nursing lol but I find myself in a bit of a funk…

But I do love music and am somewhat of a cd/vinyl/even cassette tape hoarder, so I’ve started this blog to chronicle my journey to get my artsy mojo back… After all, creativity is good for the soul.  

So I’m hoping if any other audiophiles stumble across my blog, that they’ll enjoy my musings on sweet nothings of music as I listen to a different album each day (or try to anyway) and see what comes of it:)