The Afghan Whigs – Honkey’s Ladder E.P.

Today started out with an old throwback album from 1996 while in the car rider line sipping a Coke. The Afghan Whigs made this little gem of an E.P. called ‘Honkey’s  Ladder’ which I almost skipped listening to (since my kids were in the car) because I couldn’t remember what kind of language was present in the songs. But surprisingly, it’s good (with a few curse words that we just ignored as my oldest got out of the car).  

It’s a catchy short cd including the ode to TLC’s song ‘creep’ which the Afghan Whigs do an alternative cover of.  That  song sticks a lil bit in your mind and you might even forget that TLC had a big hit with their own version.  

As soon as I heard the title song, I remembered that once upon a time they had a crazy video filled with lots of distorted imagery.  I actually had to google and watch the title song ‘Honkey’s Ladder’ so I could see the video again which paved the way for a Warholesque tree-of-life tribute if that’s what you want to call it.  That’s how I feel about how this snippet of art turned out anyway. 

My mornings are normally filled with nursing my daughter as she gets hungry so that’s partially where I got my inspiration for this digital art.  I’m just happy to be able to listen to some music throughout the day.  Helps me get into the swing of things while chasing after my kiddos, waiting for this caffeine and sugar to kick  in… But at times I gotta take these creative urges and run with them wherever and however I can… Even if it’s creating digital art as I’m nursing my youngest and my middle child is knocking over my drink lol… And I discovered while searching for the Afghan Whigs video, that they have a new cd coming out in a few days along with a reunion tour.  Win. Win:)



This is a fitting cd for the craziness of this Monday morning.  First day of May madness where we are counting down the days til school is out.  Aerosmith is perfect for a frantic dash out the door while hustling all the kids into their jackets. 

I listened to this second cd to leave my bookcase amidst a flurry of little voices floating from the back seats of my mommy van yelling that we were going to be late… Lol we made it to the school just as ‘Eat The Rich’ started playing. This fast paced song was good music to get things rolling.  And by rolling I mean slight speeding to get there on time. 

I like this album although it’s been ages since I’ve listened to anything Aerosmith. I can remember shooting pool while being smothered by cigarello smoke in my late teens/early twenties hearing these songs. ‘Crazy’ has a vibe that makes you want to dance around while doing whatever your heart desires… So does ‘Cryin’… I can’t remember which song had a music video with a young Alicia Silverstone dancing around but I could swear it was one of these two songs.

Today was a long long day. Lots of laundry. Lots of bills due. Lots of traffic. Not my best day. But I did make cupcakes so score for me:)

I managed to squeeze out a quick 5 minute sketch of my daughter after tucking the boys into bed… The proportions are off and I can’t say it’s my best work but it’s a step in the right direction which is… Art every day, good or bad, at least it’s creativity.  I sketched this portrait in pen then ran a filter to convert it to pencil. There’s just something about sketching in graphite that is pleasing to my eye even if it still needs a lot of work.

Thinking next round I will find my pastels or my graphite pencils and not mess with any filters.  Another cd knocked out and a quick sketch… Not too shabby for a Monday.

Morcheeba – Parts of the Process

So I was trying for a different album every day, but sadly (or happily as one may look at it), I’ve been listening to this Morcheeba album the last couple days. With coffee in hand and the sweetness of my baby sleeping, I figured now was a good time to update my posts. Because I maybe only have 30 minutes until the kiddos are up full swing lol. 

I absolutely adore Morcheeba so once this cd got into the player, it stayed there forever. A part of me just didn’t want to take it out. Like your best friend riding around with you, I just didn’t wanna let it go. So I stretched it out. 

The track ‘the sea’ and ‘undress me now’ are my favorites. Very smooth female vocals with trip-hop sounds.  This is a best hits album of sorts… The first track takes me back to college days when I first stumbled across their music at a tower records where they had listening stations set up with headphones… Oh how I miss tower records… And I’m still one of those people who will inspect the packaging and read the liner notes to ascertain more information about the band.

There will be some art today… I can feel it… Caffeine, sugar, and a great mood while my kiddos catnap later is all I need. 

There is a second disc which I’ll probably check out on my computer when there’s time, but for now I’m just the mom dropping off my kiddos blasting ‘trigger hippie’ as they hop out.

Good vibes today:)

Zayn – Mind Of Mine

I started my weekend with a killer migraine but still managed to pluck this cd off the shelf and throw it in my stereo… A pleasant surprise, I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I do.  

With my eye pillow, heating pad, and grammyesque quilts in a dark room, I laid down to some smooth grooves… Zayn will prob make it into the rotation on a weekly basis. It’s a slow sultry listen… At times I forget that a former boy band member is singing but I won’t hold that against him. 

I personally think the best tracks are in the middle starting with ‘rear view’, ‘wrong’ feat Kehlani, and ‘fool for you’… But I liked the cd so much that I listened to it twice before dozing off.

Sadly no art… Just Ibuprofen, lavender eye pillow, dry heat, and the sound of Zayns voice lulling me to sweet dreams. 

OneRepublic – Oh My My

Let me just start out with saying I’m a huge OneRepublic fan and was lucky enough to catch them live last time they toured… Love this band. 

So… No art inspiration last night after getting little sleep with the fun of nursing… All mombies need caffeine so I figured what better way to cope with my kiddos yelling at eachother during the morning rush other than  some Starbucks and the second cd currently in my car. 

This is their 4th album and it’s a lil dif but a great listen all the same. I think my fav track is ‘kids’…  It’s fun and peppy and makes me think of being young and stress free.  Simple times at times.

Then my other two fav tracks on repeat are ‘born’ and ‘choke’… I could listen to the whole album over and over again, I enjoyed it so much.

I don’t know if they recorded any of it in Asia but that’s what came to mind for me. When I listened to parts of ‘born’ the images that I thought of involved Japanese cherry trees and Asian pears… I know it’s odd lol… I just felt like it’d be a song that I would listen to if I were in South Korea for a week or even Japan.

When I listen to ‘choke’ it makes me think of a love that is no more… I can’t go back to it, even if I wanted to. Regret. But in all that I’m still doing okay. Those are the emotions I feel listening to this song. I’ve kissed a few frogs over the years while looking for my prince. Not all of them were frogs from the start though, if that makes sense.

I don’t think this cd will leave my car except to burn a copy so that the original can stay safe on my bookcase. 

If I get time and ample energy, I’m thinking I’d sketch something with cherry blossom trees maybe amidst a background wash of  blue… Oh the possibilities:)

Kaleo – a/b

Okay so here’s my first review/thoughts for day one. I thought about how to go about this since I have several bookcases and boxes of music… Possibly too much to count and decided I’d try to go alphabetically after I give a listen through what’s currently in my car.

This is Kaleos debut cd and I received this as a Christmas present after I pointed out I liked one of their songs on the radio… their music def has an alternative sound. At times a lil funky and gritty. I could easily imagine a robbery about to happen at a swanky cigar club after listening to track 2 ‘way down we go’… Like you know stuff might go sideways but you’re gonna do it anyway… This is my fav track of theirs.  Also diggin ‘all the pretty girls’ and ‘I can’t go on without you’… 

The rest of their cd was a blur for me but those three gems got hit with the repeat button as I waited in the car rider line at my kiddos school.

In my mind I’m already scheming to catch them live in Austin since I’ve heard they put on a good show.  If a band can sound just as good live as they do on their cd, then they’ve normally won me over for life. Like ‘Cake’ I love me some fashion nugget. 

I’m thinking if I can get the kiddos to bed early enough, that I may give it a go and  sketch out a lil something with watercolor pencils while sipping some spiced rum:)