First Post for Nothings Of Music

This is the post excerpt.


So I’m currently at a standstill creatively… They say whether you are an artist, a writer, or a musician, that at some point we all suffer from a block of some sort.

I recently had a baby and I’m not sure if it’s the sleepless nights or my body needing extra time to recover after my third (and last child) or all the nursing lol but I find myself in a bit of a funk…

But I do love music and am somewhat of a cd/vinyl/even cassette tape hoarder, so I’ve started this blog to chronicle my journey to get my artsy mojo back… After all, creativity is good for the soul.  

So I’m hoping if any other audiophiles stumble across my blog, that they’ll enjoy my musings on sweet nothings of music as I listen to a different album each day (or try to anyway) and see what comes of it:)

Author: Rumholic

Only through self reflection can we share our stories and hopefully inspire others with our journey:)

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